Ridge Farm Lavender

Living a Lavender Life

Photo Policy

Ridge Farm Lavender is the perfect place for stunning portraits throughout the year.   Because of the demand of our facility please be aware of the policies and terms as below:

Peak Season is when the lavender is in full bloom:

May 20-June 5       $20/30 min  or $35/hr

June 6-July 30       $25/30 min  or $45/hr

Aug 1-Sept 15        $20/30 min  or $35/hr

All other times of the year $15/30 min or $25/hr

**Please note there are not restroom facilities most of the year.  During Peak season there are portable facilities for your use. 

**Photos in and around the barn can be taken for an additional fee.

**Please be respectful of others that may be visiting the Shoppe.

**Please be careful when stepping into the field of lavender.  Try not to step on any of the plants .

Photographers must supply Ridge Farm Lavender with an insurance certificate proving their insurance liability coverage  You will only need to provide this certificate once per year and we will keep it on file .

Photographers must have an appointment to take photographs at Ridge Farm Lavender.   Please call to schedule your date and time (717-480-6982).  All reservations must be prepaid at the time of booking with a credit card .   Only in the case of rain, your reservation fee may be credited toward another time.   Your reservation fee will be forfeited for all other reasons or cancellations.


Ridge Farm Lavender is not only our business, but also our home.   Please be respectful of our personal property and animals.